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High School Students

Scholarships for High School Students.

As high school students enter their senior year, they are eligible to begin competing for the nationwide scholarships. Here are some important details of the scholarship process!

  • Scholarship applications are filled out online (see link below) and you can apply for a scholarship at up to 7 schools at once
  • There are 3 opportunities to earn a 4-year full-tuition scholarship throughout the academic year.
    • First week of October
    • First week of January
    • Last week of March
  • Scholarships are given on a merit basis. To maximize your chances of earning a scholarship:
    • Have a high GPA
    • Score well on the Physical Fitness Test
    • Be a member of an athletic team
    • Be a club officer, team captain, or hold any other position of leadership
    • Do well on the interview with the Professor of Military Science
    • Be medically qualified for the Army
    • Engage in community service
  • If awarded a scholarship, Army will pay:
    • Full-tuition
    • $1200/yr for books
    • Monthly stipend
      • $420/mo
  • You will owe the Army a minimum 8 years of service which can be fulfilled in one of two ways
    • 4 years in full-time active duty service, followed by 4 years of inactive reserve service
    • 8 years of part-time national guard / reserve service
  • If you decide that you don’t like ROTC within you first year, you can cancel your scholarship and the Army will still pay your first year’s tuition with no obligation for service
  • For students who know that they do not want to compete for active duty, and also know that they do not want a combat MOS, The Army Reserve Minuteman scholarship allows for broadened options.
    • This scholarship will lock you into the Army reserves
    • The full tuition and fees coverage can be changed to $10,000/yr for room and board instead.

To start an application for the 4-year full-tuition scholarship click the link here

To learn more about the Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship, click the link here