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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Cornell Army ROTC website!

Please feel free to browse the website to learn about the great legacy of Cornell ROTC, the excellent scholarship programs, the typical schedule for an ROTC cadet, what career opportunities that Army officers have, and much more! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Our contact information can be found on the right-hand side, or it can be found along with a list of all our cadre under the “staff” page. Enjoy!


Army ROTC: Combining Civilian Education and Military Leadership

The Army Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) is a program designed to develop college students across the country into competent leaders. It allows cadets to remain full-time students at their colleges and universities while giving them the opportunity to work part-time on earning a commission in the Army. ROTC augments the United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA) by providing additional officers to the active duty Army, as well as being the primary source of officers to the Army Reserve and National Guard. Graduates of the ROTC program emerge as 2nd Lieutenants in the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard and work very well under pressure, are great communicators, and know how to lead effectively. ROTC graduates are highly sought after for their leadership and technical skills.

Pre-Orientation 2020 is scheduled for 17-21 August 2020

Students can participate in this free program to learn about about Cornell Army ROTC and have some fun while doing it.  You will take an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) to measure your general fitness, participate in team building events, learn “field craft” (Army camping), learn basic topographic map reading and land navigation, eat Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), participate in “rucking” (Army hiking), and other fun and educational activities.  Contact Mr Kevin Swab at for more information!

1101 and 1102 Military Science Classes are open to all students for elective credit.  We also have a free PE class that counts toward Cornell’s PE requirement.  Check the course catalog for more information.


For the latest information on Cornell Army ROTC activities, please visit our Facebook page: Here

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